Integrating with JIRA


I’ve started using the excellent Atalssain.NET SDK from Federico Sila Aramas, but hit issues quite quickly with displaying the correct fields to add an issue and knowing which of the fields are mandatory.  I’ve tried a few things and realised I’m going to need to use the JIRA REST API.  With a bit of help from Mike Jansen JIraRestClient, I’ve decided to updated the Atalassain.NET SDK to have more items in the classes, such as Project and use the Rest Client.  It’s a mix and match of SOAP and REST as I just convert the bits I need.  I’ll upload my fork of the SDK to bitbucket.


Outlook and JIRA Integration


There are a couple of JIRA addins that work with Outlook to enable emails to be used to create issues but neither quite do it for me.

I am looking for something that will

  • log an email as an issue.
  • Save the orignal email
  • Save any attachments
  • Track any further emails relating to the issue and allow me to easy access to the issue in JIRA

So I’m doing it myself!

Need to think of a name LookOutJIRA is winning at the moment (do you see what I did there?!)

More to follow…..

Loving JIRA


Really getting into JIRA from Atlassain.  I think I’ve finally found a tool that has the right mix of flexibility and structure.  The guys at Atlassain are ace, they keep improving it and are leading the way in what a web app should do.


But there are some add ons that I would like to make it really fit our processes 🙂