Types of Research



    • Questions
      • Did you ever wonder about……?
      • What do people do when…..?
    • Hypothesis
    • Statistics
      • Qualitative – coding
      • Descriptive (Central tendency, spread, variability)
      • Charts


      • Questions
        • How much time do people spend sleeping
        • How many mistakes are made when typing
      • Hypothesis
      • Statistics
        • Inferential statistics
        • Categorical – CHI squared
        • Continuous – ANOVA, correlations, factor analysis
        • Charts – scatter plots, bar graphs
      • Look out for  -mix-ups between categorical and continuous data over generalising


    • Questions
      • Can size (predictor variable) be used to predict death (response variable)
      • Does having an iphone lead to bad vision
    • Hypothesis
    • Statistics
      • Correlation
      • Regression
    • Look out for invalid variables (op def), and causation being confused for correlation


    • Questions
      • How does size predict death
      • Why do iphone users have bad vision
    • Hypothesis
    • Statistics
      • Interential statistics
      • T-test, ANOVA
    • There is nothing ‘special’ about EX R – more about ensuring the internal validity of the research

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